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Google trusted photographer

Google Street View trusted photographer

Warren is now a Google Street View Trusted Photographer! This basically means that google trusts me to provide quality 360 photography to create virtual tours! I use a couple of different methods to capture the images;

High quality – this involves using a DSLR and stitching together multiple images, it’s a bit more time consuming but if you want the best quality then this is the option to go for.

Efficient – an instant 360 camera is used for this method, each image is captured within a few seconds, the quality isn’t as good as the above option but still very good. This option integrates extremely well with google streetview.

According to Google;

62% of internet users find photos of store interiors, store
shelves and product close-ups useful when deciding
which retail store to visit.
2x Listings with photos and a virtual tour are 2x more
likely to generate interest than those without.

Personally of the 360 images I’ve uploaded to streetview, they all generate a fair amount of views.